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An Emergency Dentist Talks About Broken Teeth

One of the common emergencies addressed by an emergency dentist in Livermore is broken teeth. The teeth decay slowly from years of chewing, biting, and clenching. Repetitive use puts stress on the teeth, which indicates many individuals will deal with a broken tooth at one point in their life. Read on to know more about the reasons for broken teeth and their solutions.

Risks For Teeth 

Tooth decay, untreated gum disease, and injuries or accidents are all the factors that contribute to a broken tooth. When tooth decay reaches the core of a tooth, it harms the healthy tooth structure. When the tooth structure is compromised, the tooth is more exposed to fracture. Once decay becomes more severe, even biting on foods can force the breakdown of the rest of the tooth structure.

Some tooth fractures need urgent treatment, especially if the fracture is near the nerves. In that case, you must visit an emergency dentist in Livermore to examine the fracture & to know about the intensity of the damage. Although the tooth itself may seem unharmed, the tooth may ultimately fall out if left untreated. 

Following are some of the forms of tooth breakage.

Surface Breaks

Some patients have a few lines on their tooth enamel caused due to biting on hard objects or grinding the teeth. The dentist usually sees most of these cracks during an oral examination. This type of crack is not considered a dental emergency. The best step is to preserve good oral hygiene or get a customized nightguard to stop additional damage.

Chipping Of Teeth

Small chips are typically not complex. If the chip makes the tooth exposed, it indicates that the breakage has reached the core of the tooth that has nerves. Since a chipped tooth changes the smile look, some patients may want to fix this flaw. Postponing treatment can cause an uneven surface to gather bacteria, which may yield a cavity.

Broken Cusp

A tooth with a damaged cusp is more harmful than one with miniature chips. Broken cusps can drive teeth sensitivity or contribute to other damage to the tooth. An emergency dentist uses composite fillings to restore the tooth relying on the intensity of the breakage.

Broken Tooth

If a tooth has a profound crack, it may impact the tooth roots or pulp of the tooth. Deep cracks can cause extreme pain, particularly when biting down. A crack reaches the center of the tooth and impacts the nerves which allow the bacteria to grow. A bacterial attack can cause inflammation of the nerves and result in tooth infection. In the case of a tooth infection, a root canal treatment is necessary to save the tooth. The tooth will also require a crown to resist biting and chewing forces and stop further infection.

Emergency Dentist In Livermore

If in case, your tooth gets broken, you have to visit an emergency dentist for help, especially if you are in pain. A quick appointment will help to prevent infection and additional damage. The dentist examines the tooth and recommends appropriate treatment. Call us at (925) 258-8450 now to book your appointment now at our dental office in Livermore.

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