Advanced Technology

Cone Beam CT

Cone Beam CT-img

Our practice utilizes a state-of-the-art, ultra-low radiation, small field Cone-Beam CT (computed tomography) Technology by Morita that provides highly accurate, 3-D radiographic images for the diagnosis, planning, and treatment of endodontic disease. This allows for three-dimensional visualization of teeth, bone, sinuses, and surrounding structures with minimal radiation to the patient, enabling a level of anatomical accuracy and patient care not possible with 2-D technologies (regular digital dental x-rays) alone.

With the addition of cone-beam CT technology to our office, our practice is committed to providing innovative, high quality, patient care.

Dexis Digital Imaging

DEXIS Radiography delivers very high quality digital images with minimal exposure to patients. The system has a state-of-the art sensor, which as shown below, is very small, rounded, and comfortable for the patient.

The ability to see subtleties using digital radiography is crucial to diagnosis, collaboration, and patient communication. Through a combination of advanced hardware and software technologies, the DEXIS Platinum sensor delivers extremely clear and highly detailed images.

Digital imaging allows us to store patient images, and enables us to quickly and easily transfer them to your general dentist, other specialists, as well as to insurance companies.

Digital imaging also offers more precision since we view the image on a computer monitor, instead of holding up a 35mm film up to the light. Digital X-rays results highly detailed images, and require less than 1/10th the radiation exposure to our patients than the older conventional x-ray images.


Surgical Operating Microscopes

The introduction of the surgical microscope has revolutionized the field of endodontic microtreatment. We have invested in the very best quality Surgical Operating Microscopes by Global. They provide unparalleled magnification and LED illumination for all of our procedures.


Your highest treatment success depends on us being able to see the minutest of details – you cannot treat what you cannot see. In addition, we have incorporated the latest high definition video allowing us to record our procedures with unequalled clarity and detail.

BIOLASE WaterLase Laser

Laser-assisted treatment utilizing the BIOLASE WaterLaser is an important new innovation, and we have integrated lasers into many aspects of our periodontal care for patients. Studies have shown that laser treatment can result in significantly shorter healing time after many types of gum tissue surgeries. Laser disinfection can eliminate up to 99.8% of bacteria from areas being treated


Navident Dynamic 3-D Navigation System

Computer-Guided Implant Placement is a new and exciting field of dental implant surgery, and the Navident System is a tool that allows our doctors to see on a computer screen, the surgical placement of your dental implant in real time. Dynamic 3D Navigation is similar to a GPS – it guides the doctor to the exact locations planned as the surgery is performed.

The video below illustrates how this advanced technology is used.