Dental Implants In Livermore

Facts About Dental Implants You Must Know

8 Amazing Facts About Dental Implants

Natural teeth are special, and we all love to keep them eternally. However, that is not always possible. While there are multiple factors to blame for tooth extraction, the major ones are severe tooth decay, gum disease, damage, impacted teeth, and overcrowded teeth.

If you’re in a position where tooth loss is unavoidable, you don’t have to spend the rest of your life without that tooth. Thanks to advanced inventions in dental technology, dental implants in Livermore are an ideal way to get back your original oral appearance and functionality.

1. No Pain

During dental implant surgery, the dentist will numb the site of the operation. Meaning that you won’t feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. And once the surgery gets over, little pain, discomfort, and swelling are normal. Also, you will be getting prescribed medication to address any side effects.

2. Implants Are Worth the Cost

Compared to alternative teeth replacement options like dental bridges and dentures, implants can be a little expensive. But it’s for a good cause. Since the implant gets fitted into the jawbone of the lost tooth, it imitates the natural teeth when it is about strength, build, and functionality.

Dentures and bridges are generally supported by natural teeth, offering less strength, functionality, and durability. If much force is applied to them, they can slip, move, or fall out. For affordable dental implants near you in Livermore, contact us.

3. Implants are Highly Successful

When installed accurately, dental implants have a success rate of about 99%, higher than other teeth replacement options. If you’re thinking of getting tooth implants, make sure you work with a well-experienced dentist or oral surgeon to avoid future issues or difficulties.

4. Say No To Cavities

While your natural teeth are sensitive to cavities and decay, your implant isn’t. Since the titanium posts are unnatural, they can’t get diseased. However, sound dental hygiene and maintenance are still important for your oral health. Poor dental care can raise the risk of cavities and gum disease on the other natural teeth.

5. They Can Serve You for a Lifetime

Well-fitted and retained dental implants can benefit you forever. Unlike other teeth replacement options like bridges and dentures that need replacement every ten years. To prolong the life span of your implants, take good care of your implants by brushing, regular dental check-ups, and flossing.

6. Restoring Oral Appearance & Functionality With Implant

Missing teeth do more harm than impact your smile. For example, a missing tooth can force your face to sag, tarnish your capability to speak & talk nicely, and cause jawbone decay, among other effects. So, if you replace your missing tooth, your oral function and appearance will be revived, letting you chew and talk again properly.

7. They Promote Your Oral Health

With a missing tooth, it becomes hard to achieve proper dental hygiene. With an implant, brushing your teeth will be effortless. Boosting your oral health will reduce the likelihood of getting other dental conditions like cavities, gum disease, heart problems, and much more.

8. Everlasting Implants

A dental implant gets planted in the jawbone of the empty socket. It means that the process can not be reversed. Once the implant gets fused into the jaw bone, it functions like your natural tooth. Bridges and dentures are typically supported by natural teeth which are the nearby teeth of the missing tooth, implying they are easy to pull out of the mouth or replace.

Dental Implants In Livermore

Implants have not one but many benefits to offer, it is the best & the most affordable way to get permanent teeth that are never going to catch any oral disease or infection. If you also want to get implants in place of your missing teeth, or you want a complete arch or set of implants, you can call us to schedule your appointment now with our dental implant specialist in Livermore.

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