Navident Guidance System

A Guided Surgery System Targeting Perfection

Our office is equipped to offer real-time, computer guided implant placement using the state of the art Navident Implant Guidance System. We are one of the very few specialist offices in the SF Bay Area with this advanced technology available for patients. Computer guided dynamic navigation is the most accurate way to place implants, and the system is also used to pre-plan your implant placement location in all 3-dimensions directly on top of the CBCT scan of your jaw bone.

Computer-guided implant placement is a new and exciting field of dental surgery, and the Navident System is a tool that allows our doctors to see on a computer screen, the surgical placement of your dental implant in real time. Dynamic 3D Navigation is similar to a GPS – it guides the doctor to the exact locations planned as the surgery is performed.

Dynamic 3D Navigation is an interactive protocol which aids our doctors in improving precision and access. Dr. Williams can now confidently create and implement a 3D treatment plan by accessing the Navigation System’s live, 360-degree view of drill position and oral anatomy. This cutting-edge technology assists in achieving consistent and desirable results, as it provides our doctors with one dynamic focus point: the screen.

The video below illustrates how this advanced technology is used.