What our Patients Say About us


Joanne S.

Pleasanton, CA

I was referred to Dr Williams for a dental emergency last week. I was in a lot of pain and since dentists are basically only open for emergencies, because of the covid19, I was fortunate enough to be referred to him! I have been complaining about the same pain without a confirmed diagnosis for literally, years! I have seen my dentist and have been referred to 2 different Endodontists, but no one could find the source of the pain even after several root canals, the pain persisted. After contacting my dentist again for the same pain that had become unbearable, he referred me to Dr. Williams. From the first phone call to request an appointment time to the treatment that followed, the staff was fabulous! Dr.Williams was very professional. He explained everything to me, gave me my options and was very thorough, from his explanation of flossing correctly to his meticulous treatment. My experience at his office was outstanding! I am so hopeful that this pain that has been with me for a very long time has finally been diagnosed, and treated. He also calls you personally to check in and see how you are feeling after treatment. I would definitely recommend this Endodontist office!


Rupi P.

Chicago, IL

This was the second place I went to get an opinion on what work I needed. The first told me I needed a very expensive LVAP procedure. I had a great experience with Dr. Harley, she explained I did not need this procedure, only needed a deep clean. Sandy was great in making my appointments and helped me get in on time since I was moving. Both of my dental hygienists were so nice and further answered any questions I had. They truly made me feel comfortable and I am so glad I went here. Its been a few weeks and I am so happy with my outcomes. I moved from California so I am very sad I do not have such an awesome team to keep up with my dental needs. If you need anything done please try Dr. Harley’s, I am sure you will be happy and comfortable with your choice. Thank you all!


Laura E.

Walnut Creek, CA

I found Dr. Williams on the internet when an emergency dentist told me I needed to see an endodontist. Given that the website has a section for anxious patients, I decided to give him a try – and I’m SO happy I did! First of all, Dr. Williams quickly diagnosed a cracked tooth that was pushing on a nerve that two previous dentists missed. He recommended a root canal and a small filling. Also, he is a calm and caring guy who is sensitive to my anxiety and request that I be sedated. I’ve had doctors and dentists in the past who didn’t take my anxiety seriously and refused to sedate me for necessary procedures, but that was not the case with him.

Today I had my procedures done and I honestly could not have asked for a better experience. I was so nervous but everyone was so kind and put me at ease. Once I was taken back, I was hooked up to monitors and given a pill (Halcion) and nitrous. My biggest worries were getting shots and not being sedated enough. I had traumatic experiences getting shots from my childhood dentist but for some reason, the shots were not as bad as I expected when Dr. Williams gave them – probably due to my taking a Vicodin an hour before and his using a numbing gel. As for the sedation, I was not “put under” but comfortable to the point that I fell asleep. In addition to the Vicodin that I was prescribed last week, I also got some ibprofeun on the way out.

Finally, the staff is awesome – Sandy, Tammy, the dental assistant (sorry, I didn’t get her name, but she let my stuffed koala stay on my lap), and Dr. Harley Williams (who interviewed me about my health history and checked in on me throughout the procedure).

I’m still numb but very happy that my experience was not as traumatic as i would have imagined! Not only would I go back if needed, but I would recommend Dr. Williams and the team to everyone!


Paul T.

Livermore, CA

Let’s face it, nobody wants to get a root canal but when/if you do, make it a point to see Dr. Williams. He was very thorough in his explanation of how the process worked and best of all, Dr. Williams was good with the novocaine injections making the procedure virtually painless. He called me a couple of days later to see how things were going which was an unexpected surprise.


Rashell D.

Union City, CA

Dr. Josh Soloman referred us to Dr. Williams for my daughters (13) root canal. The front staff is friendly, personable, compassionate and very professional! They did an amazing job squeezing us in for a consult and her actual procedure in the same week! There was never a wait! Dr. Williams is very thorough before/ after procedure. You leave feeling confident! THANK YOU for turning a stressful unknown situation into a comforting result!


Melanie G.

San Jose, CA

This was the most fun I’ve had during a dental procedure!

Staff was friendly and engaging. Facilities were beautiful and clean.


Doctor Williams is incredible. Obviously extremely knowledgeable and practiced in endodontics.

After the numbing process, he turned on Seinfeld to keep me occupied.

The doctor, his assistant and myself were having a pretty good time laughing at the show while smoke was billowing out of my mouth :))

Highly recommend!!