Surgical Operating Microscopes

High quality endodontic therapy is the basis for long term success of your root canal treatment. In dentistry, and specifically in the field of endodontics, the area being worked on is often so tiny, that good visual access with high magnification and lighting is absolutely essential in order to provide patients with the best possible results. Dr. Williams has many years of experience working with the surgical operating microscope for both non-surgical and surgical endodontics. He also has the added experience of working without the aid of the microscope (during the first few years of his practice career when they were not widely available), so he realizes the advantages of using the scope during patient treatment in order to provide patients with the highest quality and best results possible.


Each of the endodontic working operatories in our office are equipped with a state of the art Global Surgical Operating Microscope, with an HD video camera attached. While being treated, you can actually watch parts of a procedure being performed in real time on an overhead HD monitor if you would like.