Root Canal Treatment

How To Know If I Need Root Canal Treatment

5 Common Signs To Know You Need Root Canal Treatment

Decades ago, root canal treatments were painful, but this is not the case now. Due to advancements in dentistry, it is possible to perform root canal therapy effortlessly. Root canal treatment can save a badly damaged or infected tooth instead of extracting it. Below are some symptoms that show` you need root canal treatment if you exhibit these signs.

#1: Toothache when Eating or Applying Pressure on Teeth.

If you consistently look for toothpicks after every meal, pick out the stuck food between your teeth. Then there is a chance you have a tooth trapping food for many months. When you often find stuck food in your teeth, a gap houses it. That gap may become notable over time, ultimately leading to the loss of the tooth.

The trapped food can create a lot of trouble for your tooth. It is the most common sign that indicates it is time for a root canal treatment. This intense pain can persist off and on. 

#2: Darkening of Your Tooth

While the darkening of your tooth may not be a sign of root damage, one tooth that is darker than others may be a prospect for a root canal treatment. Usually, this dark tooth is painless, but you may still need a root canal to prevent future pain. The darkening of your tooth can be due to trauma you face, like, a knock on your tooth or a hard fall.

#3: Inability to Chew and Increased Sensitivity

If one area of your mouth is too sensitive to cold or hot, to a scope that you have to chew using the other side of your jaw or mouth, this is a sign that you may require root canal therapy. If you cannot eat appropriately because of the high sensitivity, you may need a consultation with a dentist in Livermore.

Some sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures is usual for most teeth. However, if the sensitivity continues growing even after the stimulus is removed, your nerves have started to fail. If you consult with a dentist, he/she may suggest a root canal treatment in Livermore to preserve your tooth.

#4: Taking Painkillers Frequently to Ease Pain

If you always take painkillers to alleviate your toothache, then this is an obvious sign that this is the time to visit your dentist as soon as possible. These painkillers may work for some time, but they may become useless later as the tooth decay or infection extends. Toothaches can drive you to sleepless nights, and it’s consistently advisable that you visit your dentist twice or thrice a year for a dental examination.

#5: Feeling a Void in The Mouth

While brushing, you may feel a void in your mouth using your tongue that captures nearly everything. Depending on the void size and the course it has dwelled boosts its odds of demanding a root canal treatment. So, if you have a void or hole in one of your teeth, do not delay scheduling an appointment with our dentist for root canal treatment in Livermore or have an oral exam.

Root Canal Treatment In Livermore

If you have any of these above-explained signs, contact us. We will suggest the best treatment after a thorough examination of your oral health. Give us a call at 925 258-8450 today.

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