Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

What To Know About Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery?

Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery For A Healthy Smile

Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery is getting extremely popular day by day and can be considered a creative side of dentistry. The cosmetic dentist must have the right eye, have complete knowledge of dental structure and composition, and have dominated the use of the latest dental materials. Our cosmetic dentists share the plan of action with their patients to let them know what kind of outcomes to envision.

Cosmetic Crown Lengthening For Gummy Smiles

This periodontal Cosmetic procedure can reveal more tooth structure to enhance the esthetics of your smile. A gummy smile is apparent when the gum line conceals your teeth, making your teeth look short. If your teeth look small and your smile seems gummy, your teeth may be the right length but hide under too much bone and gum tissue. A crown lengthening technique will reshape your extra gum and bone, revealing the shape of the natural tooth.

Crown lengthening can also be conducted on teeth to make your gum line even. It will enhance symmetry and give a more pleasing smile.

Gum Graft Surgery For Gum Disease

Gum diseases are common, but they can impact your oral health if left untreated. Getting treatment as soon as possible and the earlier stages is the most suitable way to contain permanent damage and tooth loss. Gum graft cosmetic dentistry is beneficial for you when the gums have declined enough to uncover the roots of your teeth. 

As the gums recede, they form bags between the tooth and gums, ultimately becoming a propagating ground for bacteria. Over a period, the bacteria sets into plaque and tartar, putting your oral health at the stake of gum diseases & tooth decay. Also known as periodontitis, gum disease can cause bone and tissue failure and ultimately tooth loss.

In addition to gum disease, genetics, lineage history, hormones, & poor dental care, can cause gum recessions. Gum recession can not always get noticed with the naked eye, so going to the dentist in Livermore for routine checkups is the most suitable way to keep them checked & healthy.

Do You Need a Bone Graft?

In the dental world, a bone graft is a minor operation. Our dentist creates a tiny slit in the gum and then grafts bone to your jawbone. Then your body creates up bone cells near the graft, making just what you need.

If you’ve lost a tooth as an adult or want to maintain the jawbone, a bone graft can help. Sometimes you require a bone grafting surgery if you have had a gum infection

If a tooth is missing, the bone near your remaining teeth can shrink or disappear. It can impact your face, giving a sagging shape or restructuring the face.

A bone graft helps your body build a strong base for an implant to sustain. More than half of implant patients need a bone graft before the implant.

If you think that cosmetic periodontal surgery in Livermore is the best option for you to restore the smile you have always wanted, then call us to book an appointment at our dental office in Livermore, CA, to get the cosmetic procedure done by the best dentists.

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