Laser Gum Therapy

Laser Gum Therapy To Treat Your Gum Disease

What Is Laser Gum Therapy?

Gum disease laser therapy is a modern surgery alternative where light energy is used to enhance your oral health and smile. It’s a process used to kill bacteria and promote bone growth near your existing teeth. Laser dentistry treats hypersensitivity, gum disease, and tooth decay, and it can also reshape gum tissue to facilitate a “gummy” smile.

What Are The 5 Benefits Of Laser Gum Therapy?

The goals of laser gum surgery are to rebound the adverse impacts of bacteria and help you preserve a healthy mouth. There are many other benefits like:

1. Less Invasive

Laser surgery is less intrusive than other forms of gum surgery. Traditional gum surgery needs medical instruments that cut into the gum tissue, leaving painful wounds that need stitches and recovery time. Because the laser never cuts into your gum tissue, it presents a reduced risk of disease, sensitivity, and bleeding after the operation. It also indicates the risk of complications is low. Laser treatment is so gentle that many patients are not scared to get their gum health issues resolved.

2. Treats Gum Disease

Gingivitis can cause gum disease when not treated in time. And gum disease leads to tooth loss if it’s not treated. Patients with high gum disease can preserve natural teeth using gum disease laser therapy. Gum disease leaves you with in-depth pockets of bacteria that traditional dental cleaning can’t correct. A laser is more likely to remove all the damaging bacteria, even when they’re stuck in deep pockets.

3. Improves Smile

Straight white teeth help you feel assured in your smile. Gums also play an essential role in your self-esteem. Do you feel that your teeth feel “short,” or do you think your smile is too “gummy”? If you think the ratio of gum tissue to teeth is unstable, it could make you self-conscious about your smile. Laser gum surgery outlines the condition of your gums and cuts the extra tissue, giving you a beautiful smile you’ve forever wanted.

4. Lasers Are Accurate

No healthy gum tissue gets damaged during laser gum surgery. The professionals at Endo & Perio use the laser to restore damaged tissue and produce new, healthy tissue growth. This method is purely accurate and detailed. The laser itself differentiates healthy gum tissue from damaging gum tissue. Additionally, it won’t impact bones or teeth.

5. Fast Recovery

Traditional gum surgeries need weeks of healing that contain pain, swelling, and a liquid diet. The healing time for laser gum surgery lasts about a day and patients generally only feel mild discomfort. Because there’s no cutting or stitching concerned, the laser procedure offers fast recovery with minimal downtime. By not utilizing traditional surgical tools such as scalpels, your dentists remove less tissue, driving less pain, bleeding, and inflammation. 


Laser Therapy For Gum Disease In Livermore

If you are feeling pain & discomfort in your gums, now is the time to visit our dental office for laser gum therapy in Livermore. Do not ignore the dental issue that will give you severe pain & lifetime regret. Call to schedule your appointment today!


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